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Oved 5 Star Apparel group listens! Oved 5 Star Apparel group cares!

TELL OVED 5 STAR is a global reporting tool that allows All Workers throughout our global supply chain to report conduct is potentially illegal, unethical, or inappropriate and of other workplace concerns.

In adherence to our Corporate Social Compliance policies & Code of Conduct, we want to ensure all workers have access to objective grievance procedures & confidential reporting channels.


All workers should have access to report grievances regarding compliance and other workplace concerns without retaliation or any negative effect on their employment or contractor status.

Harassment or abusive behavior is strictly prohibited by the Oved 5 Star Apparel group.


Have concerns? Speak to your supervisor or use the existing factory grievance mechanism. If you feel more comfortable telling Oved 5 Star directly at no cost to you, you can use TELL OVED 5 STAR to anonymously report any incident or behavior that may be a violation of Oved 5 Star’s Social Compliance Code of Conduct.

Each grievance claim will be processed with an investigation report & resolution.

The grievance process will be transparent and will be completed as promptly as possible.

The grievance process is not meant to be a substitute for an existing factory/supplier grievance mechanism, but is another channel through which you can report grievances.

Confidentiality – all efforts will be made to treat all complaints & information as confidential and that reports made to TELL OVED 5 STAR may be made anonymously except when prohibited by law.

Supplier Expectations:

Oved 5 Star expects factories, suppliers, & business partners to abide by our Corporate social compliance policies & Code of Conduct.

Oved 5 Star expects supplier partners to share functioning grievance reporting procedures at supplier production sites.

Oved 5 Star expects supplier partners to provide this channel for workers to contact the Company directly and confidentially.

Oved 5 Star expects that suppliers that work with or for Oved 5 Star are not allowed to interfere with, discourage, or punish workers for communication with Oved employees & representatives.

Oved 5 Star prohibits for any factory or supplier to retaliate against workers in any way.

Oved 5 Star offers training and communication to all suppliers & workers about the grievance procedures and channels.

Oved 5 Star provides grievance procedures and complaint channels that are secure and prevents any punishment or prejudice against workers who use the systems.

To file a greviance claim, please complete this form & submit to